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14-Mar-2016 17:37

And let's not forget the time he played an actual stripper as an extra on a TV show.

Men’s Classic Body Building was a successful category of Body Building in Arnold Classic Brazil.

While there are men out there who are so physique-goal oriented they let themselves become isolated from healthy relationships, there are just as many, if not more bodybuilders who want to develop amazing bodies simply to get some hot poon.

Now, before we continue, it should be noted that this is not going to be an inspirational, articulate, or even a mature article.

Her "blond hair" is full of split ends and is embarrassingly dry LOL. Her fukkin beaver teeth alone made me think she was the ugliest thing ever to crawl out of a womb.

Many men get into bodybuilding to develop their dream physique.

Not sure whether to laugh, be weirdly proud, or slightly disturbed.

It’s typical that even if female bodybuilders’ physiques are privately admired by men and women, many will still judge them publicly.

Female bodybuilders especially are ridiculed on anything, from their muscles to their character.

And you better believe, if your woman is always coming in second, eventually you won’t be coming at all.

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A woman has needs, and often times those needs are time-sucking sh! We’re talking about boring ass trips to stores that sell overpriced candles, brunch with non-lifting “friends,” and dates that require one to sip gain-sapping wine while painting ugly trees with a bunch of other miserable couples.This category, which measures the bodyweight and the high of the athletes, has achieved a fast growth.