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He keeps this to himself until the season finale (Spiral) although uses the information to find out that Audrey was the chameleon in As You Were. He realizes he cannot feel her so he pulls out a gun he had hidden under his shirt and shot her in the chest.

The chameleon reveals that Audrey did not die but is becoming weaker.

"Thousands of calls pouring in." Word of mouth, a few magazine mentions and a Tastemade video that got 2 million views (and won a James Beard media award) have helped turned French into a culinary star.

It's quite a triumph for a woman who grew up in Freedom, Maine, population 700, working in her dad's diner.

They may make this contact many times over the course of a day, or three, but the actual hookup itself is a matter of seconds.

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Erin French, owner of The Lost Kitchen restaurant in Freedom, Maine, has been inundated with phone calls after receiving multiple accolades.

Businesses complain that that the Pine Tree State makes it almost impossible to grow and prosper and hire more people. That means there are plenty of people who need the kind of help that’s available only from companies that participate in the Lifeline phone service program that provides a free cell phone to disadvantaged Americans.