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03-Feb-2016 22:37

But even though the Emmy winning actor is all set to complete two decades of his marriage with Holden, he is still plagued by gay rumors.

The talented actor played the role of Manhattan based gay lawyer in one of the television’s most successful sitcom ‘Will and Grace” and now almost ten years after the end of the show, Mc Cormack is still haunted by the gay image of his character in his real life as well.

That thinly-bearded owner draws an infinity symbol and with that, Eddie is stuck in a loop, resigned to relive the same Christmas Day over and over again.

Just like Bill Murray's meteorologist Phil Connors, Eddie sees some exciting possibilities in this gift, but comes to view it as a curse that needs to be broken.

Eddie Kirkpatrick (Sean Ryan Fox) isn't the most upstanding of teenagers.

Since his mother passed away, he's been undependable and materialistic.

It has been reported that the actor and his life partner are not happy with all the nasty talks that go behind the couple’s back.

Swaggy, self-centered Eddie picks up a pair of the pumped-up kicks from a pop-up shop, whose owner (Joey Lawrence) sees a teaching moment.

Woody the cowboy is Andy's favorite toy and the undisputed leader of all the toys in his playroom.

One day, however, his world is shaken when Andy receives a Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday.

The show was created by the writers Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher.

These veterans of radio and early television found inspiration for the show's characters, plots and dialogue in the lives, experiences and conversations of their own children.

In the process, the two rivals will become friends.