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Recently talking with The Daily Beast, Banks remembered her rough past including her stint as a stripper and living with her sister in order to avoid her abusive mother. At least you’ll have peace of mind.’” Banks, who is no stranger to controversy, took shots at Eminem about his recent verse “This is a dude who raps about killing his mother,” Banks says in belief that Eminem is exonerated too easily for his past behavior. Didn’t he also have a song where a Black girl broke his heart and he was calling her a ‘nigger’ and all that shit?On the subject of her mom, Azealia says her mother was a hard worker growing up, however she decided to move in with her sister after it began to get violent at their household. “And I think it’s casually OK that you eat Hot Pockets and suck on your sister’s titty. OK, Eminem.” Azealia Banks also touched on her recent album release and the struggle it took to eventually put it out.The premise was promising—just a variation on an old party game for the “panel show” era—but the execution was embarrassingly poor, and the prideful Gleason was so stung by the savage reviews that he decided to scrap the show. Ron Hubbard adaptation Battlefield Earth, but in 2010 one of the film’s screenwriters, J. Shapiro, was happy not only to take the blame, but place that blame on what he called his “Willy Wonker.” In a New York Post editorial apologizing to anyone who went to see the movie, the writer also responsible for Robin Hood: Men In Tights said that he had originally investigated Scientology because he heard it was a great way to meet women.But he still owed CBS 30 minutes of airtime each week, so the following Friday, Gleason spent his entire You’re In The Picture slot making fun of himself, walking the audience through the thought processes that led to a bomb so big it’d make “the H-bomb look like a 2-inch salute.” This was like the TV version of The Devil’s Candy, Julie Salamon’s account of the making of The Bonfire Of The Vanities: an explication of how everyday showbiz hubris leads otherwise smart and talented people to make something god-awful. He spends most of the piece recounting his attempts to pick up dates at Scientology HQ, where he made enough of an impression to get the Battlefield Earth job.Backed by guitar, piano and violin, the track is a midtempo hip hop ballad with a pop refrain, sung by Rihanna, and describes two lovers who refuse to separate despite being in a dangerous love–hate relationship.Interscope Records released the song in August 2010 as the second single from Recovery.

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Asked in an interview with Rolling Stone if he still dated, Eminem said: "Not really. You always wonder what their real motives are," he said.“You’re pregnant for fucking , it’s swelling and swelling, and everyone was waiting for me to give birth to this ugly kid.