Bob jones university banning interracial dating

30-Jul-2016 09:24

in 1AD, promptly after Jesus died, it was used to combat the Romans, Satanists, Bears, and Liberals. Bob recognized that the Bible establishes a pecking order, with God on top and everyone else writhing sinfully underneath.

(Please See: True Christian™ Hierarchy) Bob Jones University recognizes that the only thing lower in God's eyes than Catholics is The Gays.

Bush have traveled to the self-described “fundamentalist” outpost to pander to the Christian right, all the while pleading ignorance to its institutional opposition to Catholicism (“a Satanic counterfeit”) and its longstanding ban on interracial dating.

The dating policy was reversed in 2000 (provided you have parental consent and a chaperone, of course), but the school still has a pretty detailed personal conduct code, which bans, among other things, phones that have Internet access, “contemporary Christian music,” Gmail, and “posters of movie and music stars.” I stopped by BJU on Tuesday hoping to speak with some current students about what brought them there (the art program is supposed to be excellent), how they like the school, and what they make of the school’s not-so-distant history.

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“But this is a school that has a lot of conservative voters, and it’s a common stop on the campaign trail.”Tucker noted that commentator Alan Keyes, former presidential candidate and Sen.But it was consistent with the school’s general message as articulated by its leaders, its rules for student life, and its areas of study: Don’t trust anything you hear off campus.